AMW Dimensional Art
ArtistX Art Show April 2006

About Us

As President & Owner of AMW Dimensional Art, LLC, Ann Whalen has a unique blend of experience and skills within the communications & marketing fields including, multi-media production, health education & video production, community television production, as well as art creation and production within corporate communications. In addition, she has worked with graphics artists developing graphics for video/film, 3D animation & touch screen presentations as well as live stage performances for corporations including laser light production.

Ann's degree in Communications, experience in Marketing and on-going education in Art and Illustration give her the right balance to assist clients, corporate and individuals, in choosing art to represent their business or enhance their home.

Ann's approach helps to define the need for specific art forms to create a flow and statement for each unique client. Take a look at the "Process" to see how we can make your experiece much more visual and easier to make decisions on what type of art you need and desire.
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